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Coach Dustin Del Rio is a calisthenics specialist that utilizes  bodyweight training to create challenging, functional workouts for his clients. He believes that living a healthy lifestyle begins with maintaining a strong, fit, and mobile body. Calisthenics training can be divided up into four components of overall fitness. The four components are; skill training, strength training, conditioning, and mobility. Most people's lifestyles and work schedules have made them poor movers. We must train in all the areas to get back to  becoming a well rounded mover.

My Philosophy

Working Hard For Change

I believe living a healthy lifestyle begins with maintaining a strong and fit  mobile body. My aim is to help you identify your fitness goals, design an exercise program that fits your needs, and guide you through every exercise, every workout. My holistic approach to fitness and health will have you feeling great and seeing results in no time.

My Training Services


This fun style of workouts utilizes your bodyweight and most exercises can be done anywhere with minimal equipment. Start with the basics including pushups, pullups, split squats, and progress to more challenging moves like handstands, muscleups, and front levers.

Partner Acrobatics Private Training

Partner Acrobatics is an old art form that used to only be past down between practicing families in the circus! In the last 10-15 years, it has been growing as a recreational practice with communities all over the world. Try a private lesson and  I promise it will be the most fun you have ever had and a great workout.

Private Training Rates

$60 for 1 session 
$200/month 1 session/week
$320/month 2 sessions/week
$420/month 3 sessions/week
All of these rates include strong nutrition counselling.


CT Fletcher

Client Testimonials

I had a “cheap” gym membership.  I had the knowledge of what to do with the equipment in that gym.  I may have set foot in that gym 10 times in the past year.  You see, at “that” gym, I was a faceless number, a person who paid my dues.  No one cared if I showed up at “that” gym. 

I was desperately seeking a better, healthier life, but I didn’t have the desire or the will-power to do it alone.  I wasn’t sure what to expect when I first called Core Fitness Nashville and made an appointment with Dustin.  I gave him and his routine a try.  Then I committed to show up and make an effort to follow his instructions.  Dustin plans a different, challenging, achievable routine each day.  He makes nutritional suggestions.  He is encouraging and motivating – in a positive way.  He walks the talk.  He listens to you and he molds routines to fit your special needs.  Dustin is educated and knowledgeable in the subject matter of healthy fitness and nutritious eating.  I never dread a workout at Core Fitness Nashville, nor do I ever leave there disappointed or feel like it was a waste of time.  I am pleased to announce that in just 6 weeks of following Dustin’s routine, I have lost 10 pounds and over 10 inches.  I plan to keep tweaking to get the best “me” I can be!  AND, I cancelled my membership at “that” gym.  I found the best workout in town…at Core Fitness Nashville!

Leah Jones

Core Fitness helped me reach a whole new level in my fitness journey!  As a guy who struggled with weight his entire life, I finally made the decision to change in 2008.  I weighed over 350 lbs. and my diet consisted of every drive thru in town.  After working hard with various trainers and dieticians, I achieved my goal weight of a healthy 220lbs.  My job changed in late 2012 and I began to compromise on my eating choices and workout commitments.  By fall of 2013, I had completely abandoned my healthier way of life.  A doctor’s appointment revealed a weight of 285 lbs.  It was a wake-up call.  Core Fitness answered the call.  I met Dustin and began with Core Fitness in the fall of 2013, but quickly had to take a two month break to attend to some personal situations.  I promised to start after the holidays—and did just that.  The day after Christmas, I began a regimen with Dustin and have not looked back.  I have lost 60lbs and am back in my goal weight range.  During my initial workout assessment, I struggled to perform assisted pull ups—and now can hammer out 10 unassisted!  The journey has not been easy, but I feel like I have had great support along the way.  My job demands quite a bit of travel and Core Fitness offers a variety of options to insure that I get my workouts in on the days when I’m in town.  The personal training sessions have proven very effective for me—challenging but fun.  The group sessions add variety to my workouts and offers peer support of like-minded people.  I’m pleased to say that my size 42 pants have been donated and I’m now in 36’s that are loose.  I appreciate the friendship, sense of community, and support received from Core Fitness.  Dustin’s guidance and support have enabled me to reach and sustain my fitness goals—and I’ve made a few new friends along the way.

Doug Ward

Dustin Del Rio's program at Core Fitness has changed my life. I had 2 children, a demanding job and my body was not keeping pace. Through Dustin's Personal Training, his energy, positive encouragement and no excuses approach, I now am strong, lean and so proud. I am more fit than i have ever been in my life- at 35!! The workouts are my stress buster and a great part of each week.

Heather Mathias

I always looked forward to having children, but I was also afraid (more like utterly terrified!) of what the pregnancy would do to my body. Once I had my 8 month old son last December I was determined to get my body back in shape so I could be the wife and mommy I always wanted to be. 
I could not have accomplished my goal if it weren't for Dustin at Core Fitness! His gym is simple and effective. I love doing exercises that get results without the hassle of working with some complex, intimidating machine. The workouts are fun, challenging, and exciting so much that I never got bored! Dustin is an awesome trainer because he's energetic, compassionate, and tough in the gym, but he also goes the extra mile and provides you with recipes, articles, and personal challenges to maintain your physical fitness outside the gym as well.
To all the moms or soon-to-be moms, take my advice: you will be a better person and mother if you take some time for yourself by working out and keeping yourself in shape. As a result, I am confident, healthier, toned, and stronger than I ever thought I would be! Every time I get a compliment for how in shape I look after just having a baby, I can't help but think, "Thank God for Dustin Del Rio and Core Fitness!"

Erin Perez

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